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Welcome to Pakistan's premium fresh fruits and vegetables home delivery service. We are currently serving only Defence / Clifton areas of Karachi.

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Our Quality

We purchase the finest quality fruits and vegetables from fruit market (Sabzi Mandi) of Karachi EVERY DAY!

Your local fruit shops keep the same fruit on their shelves for 3-5 days, whereas we provide you fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

After purchasing the highest quality fruits and veggies in the first place, our staff once again rechecks each and every item carefully to ensure no substandard piece is delivered to our customers.

Our Prices

Our prices are almost same as your local fruit shops, however, the quality of our produce is much higher than theirs.

If you want a good balance of variety and taste in a more economical package, go for our specially designed fruit boxes.

Our Guarantee

If you want to return our produce due to any reason, we will refund your money..NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Although this is almost unlikely that you would ever want to return our products, you can do so by just calling us; Our representative will pick the products from your home and will refund your amount.